Friday, March 30, 2012

Through the void of no beginning

This was written as I built a world called Anvaar, with the help of my mentor, my friend, my confidant, Lee Carroll. Lee, you taught me more about life, living and believing than anyone in my 50 years on this earth. After many years of "plotting" with you, I put Anvaar aside. Tonight, I brush off this tiny piece of a much larger puzzle I pieced together with you every Tuesday for so many years I've actually lost count.

I miss our Tuesdays, my friend!

In honor of Lee Carroll & Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

An alternate world with an alternate creationist history, and a prophecy to be fulfilled....

Through the void of no beginning

Through the void of no beginning, the Almighty came to be. 
Heaven stirred into awareness.  Clouds of Life were given seed.
Stars awakened in the storming, lightning of eternal flame. 
Embers gathered there in numbers; the Great Dance was given name.

Empty embers gathered dancing; dancing there, yet empty still. 
Empty Dancers, empty Dancing, lacking passion, lacking will.
The Almighty stirred the embers, fires pulsing, steady song;
giving each a Heart of Fire.  Passion filled the empty throng.

Passion burned with yearning fire, burning, bursting into dust. 
Passion still burned empty fire, ravaging the ember’s crust.
The Almighty soothed the passion, cooled the Heart with Water’s flow. 
Came there then the veins of Rivers, Lands and Seas began to grow.

All the Lands were clothed in soil, rich and black, alive and whole.
Still the Dance was cold and empty; Empty Dancers, empty souls.
There the Dance was fed with Spirit, binding Waters, Lands and Heart. 
To bind and guide and bring a balance, Spirit filled each Dancer’s Heart.

Spirit then awakened Conscience.  Conscience birthed the seeds of Choice. 
Choice disturbed the Dancers’ balance, as the Song awakened Voice.
Voice began to seed Corruption.  Dancers stumbled into ruin. 
Choice allowed the Dance to weaken.  Corruption’s poison changed the tune.

The Almighty brought to being Spirits born of kindred souls;
Protectors came to Life in Anvaar, linked as one, renewed and whole.
Anvaar became a lonely Dancer, yet her Dance was fair and pure. 
Protectors fed her Dance with wonder; their Spirits linked, their song was hers.

But Spirit soon awakened Conscience.  Conscience birthed the seeds of Choice.
Choice disturbed Protectors’ balance with the sound of one dark Voice.
There came one Protector Spirit, by his name we call him Luc,
with his Voice he broke the balance, as he sought to rebuild Truth.

Lands and Seas fell to his pleasure, molded by his careless hand. 
Beasts that once dwelt in the waters found new footing over land.
Others found their feathers broken under spiny scales and fur. 
Horns began to sprout unbidden, dark the balance Luc disturbed.

So came forth a new Corruption, fueled by a Spirit’s hold,
deep inside the Heart of Fire, Anvaar’s Passion burning cold.
Others followed Luc’s enticement, pulling free of Anvaar’s will,
drawing from her Heart a Power, their hunger far too strong to fill.

Thus the Spirits, once ‘Protectors’ linked to Anvaar then and still,
joined as one they spoke discordant, each against another’s will.
Others true to Anvaar’s Spirit fought to free her from the ruin. 
Protector fought Corrupt in Power hindered by discordant tune.

Protectors seeking balance faltered; Corrupt used Power unrestrained. 
The Almighty came to Anvaar with calls to keep Corruption chained.
Thus was Luc, in his Corruption, locked to those he would deform;
wed to Creature’s flesh eternal; trapped beyond the Dancer’s Storm.

Thus was Luc, in his Corruption, forced to feel all creatures’ pain;
there in agony he suffered, birth to death, then birthed again.
Cycles followed unrelenting, trapping Power in between. 
Infant and decrepit stages left him a weak and transient being.

Angered by his earthly prison, Luc escaped his mortal cage;
a predator with youth and muscle fed his strength and loosed his rage.
Then was Luc forever banished deep into the Heart and Womb,
locked away from mortal pleasures, locked away from mortal doom.

Banished from all sense of wonder, banished from all sense of hope,
void of touch and taste and feeling, stripped of Power once invoked,
Yet with Spirit unto Spirit, still was Luc closely entwined;
still could he entice his brethren, so to turn them to his mind.

Some did answer his seduction, and it like a cancer spread,
reawakening Corruption, ravenous as Anvaar bled.
The Almighty, in His Anger, called to all the pawns of Luc,
called to all of His Protectors, even those who still held true ;

And He made this proclamation, that all Protectors would know pain,
and all would know of love and hardship; all would live and die and live again,
Wed to Creatures born of Anvaar, from smallest ants to greatest beasts;
one day prey, another, lion, sated on their brethren’s feasts.

Yet for the dearest of Protectors, Aal, named for the morning sun,
the Almighty birthed another Creature for His most beloved one.
Thus came Mankind unto Anvaar, given Wisdom, Truth and Voice,
so to wed with the Protectors who stayed true to Anvaar’s Choice.

The Almighty, in His Wisdom, called a new communion forth,
calling Mankind and Protector, born to slow Corruption’s growth.
Those who came to this communion, known as Sorrens, then and still,
pledged to keep Anvaar Protected, pledged to heed the Almighty’s will…

The Almighty gave His Promise to the Sorrens standing True,
that a Man would come upon them, born to keep Them standing True.
A mortal born in mortal birthing, flesh and blood and Human whole,
would alone, without communion, have a link to Anvaar’s soul.

A mortal born in mortal birthing, to hold a Power greater still,
than the Power of Protectors, so to keep the Almighty’s Will.

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