Monday, December 31, 2012

Chocolate Lunch blog!

Many years ago, a group of ladies and I started a tradition: Chocolate lunch. When the stress got high and we felt low, we'd get together for a special excursion to a local restaurant. We would order the obligatory salad, but make sure to save room for the course that really mattered --- the chocolate! We would even select the restaurant based on their desert menu. Ahhhh!! Talk about stress relief!

Well, I've labeled my new blog "Chocolate Lunch" because it is about the day job, whereas this blog is about the night one. Writing for pleasure, after all, isn't work (um...yeah. Right. Whatever! ;) )

In "Chocolate Lunch" I will share links to articles I've written for Demand Studios. It's freelance work at low pay, but it is far more reliable than whatever can trickle in from Smashwords or Amazon or the like. I am an approved writter for Careers and Culture at this point in time. I won't post links to every article here, but I will post when I feel the article's message is one that is universally pertinent.


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