Friday, March 29, 2013

An Archeological Dig through My Own Old Files....

I was digging through some very old files today--very old indeed! Some dated back to high school, others, to college, ca. 1979 ~ 1986. I wasted time I didn't have glancing at old papers. I touched on some pretty heavy topics, particularly in philosophy classes. But I left those files where they were for now. My main intent was to unearth some old stories I want to revisit. I barely remember the characters and worlds, and I want to remember them. I still believe there was value to the stories left untold. I won't rewrite so much as reinvent, and I'm excited at the prospect.

The most "recent" files were probably from somewhere around 1990. Among them, I discovered a poem. Well, I discovered several poems. It's amazing how many full or half formed poems I discovered among the lecture notes in some of the old class notebooks I managed to hang onto. But this particular poem I had in a file folder marked "Story Poem." And, well, yes, it *is* a story in a poem. A fantasy story. There was no title, but upon re-reading it I now title it "An Eternal Debt."  I re-typed it today, for "posterity." I changed a few words to improve the cadence and rhymes. But it's mostly as it was during the great archeological unveiling.

I will post it in a separate post, in a moment or two.....

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