Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Divine Knowledge

Deep in the night when shadows unfold
blurring the edges of dreams
I visit the places where mysteries old
as the dawning of time intervene

to guide me through pathways I can't comprehend
labyrinths twisted and long
I stumble through riddles that lead to an end 
where only the wisest belong.

Sleeping and waking are dueling beasts
that keep divine knowledge  at bay
while there in the shadows I hunger to feast
on a truth that keeps slipping away.

I awake with the sun rendered blinded and dumb
as whatever I've seen fades to white
yet I know it remains out of reach of these chains
I can only escape from at night.

There will come a time when I'll see the sublime
with eyes that can pierce heaven's glare.
For now I must wait and my hunger abate
on the dreams that my nightly walks share.

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