Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Smashwords status updates

The freebies:

"How I Saved Humankind" has been downloaded 137 times, is saved in 9 libraries, has 3 5-star reviews, and 12 "likes".

"Pardon Me" has been downloaded 371 times, is saved in 29 libraries, has 2 5-star reviews, and 0 "likes." Love stories are popular, aren't they? ;)

For Sale:

"A Throne's Stowaway" has 15 "likes" and no reviews. :( Sales are definitely slow, too, both at Smashwords and at Amazon...although Amazon sales are stronger than Smashwords. I have done virtually no marketing. I have not solicited any reviews.

"Mozart" has 3 "likes" and no reviews. Sales are slower than for "Throne," but the first sale was for 5 copies! So...someone snagged it up and instantly sent it to friends. I do not have this one up at Amazon yet.

"In the End: Apocalyptic Poetry" has 4 "likes" and no reviews. Sales are slower than molassis. I suppose it is poetry after all! I originally had this one for free, but downloads were slow, too. I figured I had nothing to lose by offering it for sale. Maybe readers might expect it to have better quality than freebies. Honestly, poetry is never a hot seller anyway. And horror poetry is such a bizarre thing I don't think people know what to do with it. I say check it out! I have not marketed, but might start.

Marketing for everything has been limited to Facebook status updates, but we all know how fast one persons update bumps another's, so that can't count as marketing (although I have made a couple of sales that way, particularly when sis "shared" the post on her timeline).

It's all a big experiment, but it gives me hope for self publishing "Prophecy's Drum" down the road a spell. ;)

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