Monday, September 12, 2011

A Bubble in Tim

Wrapped in white cotton 
a piece of the world
is trapped in a bubble in time.

The sun has no hold.
The rain has no flow.
It is simply a moment, sublime.

Songbirds, symphonic
sing trebles and trills
to an undertone cicada buzz.

Seagulls are squealing,
crows squawking gossip
of the world as it should be, or was,

while I sift through silence,
my heart spinning tunes,
hearing music and humming along,

for the sake of this instant,
for the sake of this bubble,
for the sake of life's own precious song.

A white, cozy blanket
has covered the world
and taken me under its wing.

There's no better tribute
to give for this shielding
than to join in the chorus and sing.

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