Sunday, September 11, 2011


It starts at the summit when finances plummet
       and bosses toss ballast away
Your company pride takes a sharp, sudden slide
       as a lifetime of work loses sway
Your abdomen churns as your loyalty's spurned
       yes, you come to accept it’s one-way
You’d settled in cozy and thought you were rosy
       because you’ve worked hard night and day
But you’re no more and no less than all of the rest
       so you’ve no greater hope you can stay
You answer to rumors with a bleak sense of humor
       then close your eyes tightly to pray
But the air blows in colder …
       there’s a tap on your shoulder …
              Your position’s no longer in play.
They give you a box,
       take the keys for your locks
               and the past twenty years fade to gray…

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