Monday, September 12, 2011

Reality Shows

Sure, bumps in the night can cause quite a fright
but is anything really as scary
as reality shows where so-called “average Joes”
are perceived to be just “ordinary?

It can make you go fetal when that guy who ate beetles
just because it might make him a winner
moves in down the street and invites you to eat
but refuses to say what’s for dinner!

Perhaps in the shower you’re the man of the hour,
even Elvis would listen in awe,
when you open your lungs and a masterpiece comes
as you sing out your heart ‘til you’re raw;

But trust me in this, you’re less “hit” and more “miss”;
the term “tone-deaf” was coined just for you –
or so they will say when they vote you away
and your dreams and your dignity too.

It is really that bad? Are we really so mad,
so completely bereft of our wits
that we can’t help but squander our pride and our honor
for one moment of glamour and glitz?

If Shakespeare were here, with his pen he would spear
to the heart of what’s real and what’s fiction –
or perhaps he would smile and begin to beguile…
stay tuned to watch Will’s Real Addiction!
 original c2007 & revised c2008, DM Kraft

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